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Did you know that by folding Maxaloones the opposite way that you can make them fit a smaller size?

Size One Maxaloones (all unfolded)
Step One: The Waistband- Fold waistband in half
Step Two: Fold the waistband down again
Step Three: The Legs- Tuck the cuff inside the leg and smooth it out.
Step Four: Fold up the leg so you can see half the cuff.
Boom! Now your Size One Maxaloones are Miniloones Size. They will be wider then the Miniloones which will be super handy on a chubby baby or if you only want to buy one size of Maxaloones.

Quick Recap- with super confusing arrows ?
Step One and Two: The Waistband
Step Three and Four: The Legs

Hope this helps!

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