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On January 4, 2020, Posted by , In Broomsticks, With Comments Off on Huge Shop Announcement

I’ve been hinting at a Shop Announcement that is huge and super exciting.

If you’ve notice the Progressive Inventory Sale that’s going on and and were curious about what it is. All Hair Accessories and Clothing is 50% off until, this is the super cool part, 75% of all Hair Accessories and Clothing is sold then the discount drops to 75% Off! Super excellent deals, so if you’ve seen something you like, grab it now!

Maybe you’ve guessed it but the Huge Sale is part of the announcement. After all the Hair Accessories and Clothing is sold, Goddess Homemaker will not be restocking or continuing to carry these products. I understand that will be a adjustment to those who regularly buy those things. But If there is interest I can open custom orders for them.

In other news the shop will still be carrying Reusable Cloth Products. You might be wondering what will replace the Clothing and Hair Accessories? And it will be…….

(Will Be Announced February)

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