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Here’s how the regular elastic Mask should fit….

Bring the top elastic up and have it over the ears

The sides would be flat against your face along with the top and bottom of the mask.

With the T-shirt elastic ties, tie the bottom in a loose knot till the top is tied then you can untie and retie to tighten.

Same as with the elastic, over the ears and at the top area of the head.
Want to wear it around the ears?

With the two piece T-shirt Elastic you have to option of tying it in Ear loops. First make loops and tie them in a bow. These are just rough estimates for later.

Once it’s on, you can untie and retie the bows to make it fit tighter and closer to your face.
Tie into a bow or knot for the final fit.

Once you have the mask on, untie and retie the loops to fit the mask closer and tighter to your face. Now you can slip on and off the mask without pulling it over your head or if you wear glasses, not taking them off first. Same with tying your mask at the top and bottom of your head.

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