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Shop Announcement: 

Custom Orders are Changing! 

Starting the 5th of October, Custom Orders will have a added $10 fee on top of what the item would cost Ready to ship. 

The Reason for that $10 fee is because when a custom order is planned out it can take a few days to find the perfect fabric, pattern, or combination. And that will pay for the extra work that goes into a Custom. Please Note that the $10 fee is non refundable and will need to be paid before your order is planned out. The $10 fee will be paid via PayPal.

Also instead of being Invoiced on PayPal with the option to pay 1/2 the order amount or the total amount. A listing will be created on the Website where the full amount will need to be paid. Please Note that it needs to be paid immediately instead of the 24hr time frame.

Example: A Baby Outfit you saw on the Website is $45 but you want a Custom Order of it changing the Size or Print. So you would pay $10 to Start your Custom Order and once your Order is Confirmed a Listing will be created for you on the Website where you will pay the Full amount and shipping. 

Please Message with any questions. 

One last thing, check the Website and all the listings, there is 200 items, before you request a custom Incase what you want has already been made. All this is to encourage the purchase of Ready To Ship Items due to Space and Time constraint. If you didn’t know my sewing space is a shared area so I have a limited amount of space to hold fabric and items. As well as I am a Stay at Home Mom who Homeschools so I sew when I have free time, limited as it is.

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