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Photo made on Pic Collage, shows a Cat inside Taco riding a Sandwich on a Bun Rocket thru space. Words on the photo say Custom Order

Currently, the shop accepts Shortaloones/ Maxaloones as Custom Orders*

First step of ordering Custom Maxaloones or Shortaloones is to Contact me. There’s a couple ways to do so by PMing the Shop Facebook Page, Dming the shop on Instagram, or posting in the Insiders Group.

Here’s how it goes (using the Previous Custom Order as a Example).

Once you get ahold of me, we will figure out what colors, prints, or themes you’d like. As well as what Size you want, Maxaloones or Shortaloones, how many you want, Bum Circle or not, and if you want them to be all solid or mixed with another Print or Color.

Photo shows Mendi Design Print Card that goes in the Bags for Maxaloones and Shortaloones. To label to Sizing, Maxaloones or Shortaloones, as well as Bum Circle or Flat Bum.

I’ll “Shop” for you and send you a ton of pictures to see what you think and to find out what direction you want to go in. Sometimes the first fabric I send will be perfect for you and sometimes it takes 10 or more pictures to find the right one.

Now that we’ve picked the perfect Prints and Colors I will double check before invoicing that they are the same fabrics you were thinking of by sending you Photos again or a photo collage.

Photo shows Six Fabrics in a photo Collage

Once everything is okayed. In this case it was Six Maxaloones in Size One. With Solids on the Cuffs, Waist Bands, and Bum Circles. The customer picked out the Prints and let me have the choice on what Solids I thought would go best with each print. I went with three Solids that will go with two Prints each.

I invoice through PayPal and with Custom Orders 1/2 of the invoice needs to be paid before I buy the fabric. That amount is non refundable if you don’t pay the rest of your invoice or cancel it. The other half needs to be paid once the order is done but within 24hrs of order completion. I’ll contact you in the same way you contacted me. Also I post progress photos on most of the Platforms I use. With invoicing you can also pay your invoice all at once just let me know so I can mark that on the Invoice.

Yayy! Your invoice is paid, now what? Your fabric will be ordered. Also I will let you know when that happens. Regular updates will be sent/ posted once it comes in and throughout the Sewing process. The fabric gets washed in Cold Water with Soap Nuts and dried with Dryer Balls before sewing.

Photo shows progress photo of a Maxaloones with its Bum Circle.

Once your fabric comes in, your order can take anywhere from a few days to finish and ship out to a couple of weeks. Please note that I do have two kiddos that need attention and homeschooled. But if you need it by a certain date please let me know and I will do the best I can.

Photo shows Six Maxaloones folded.

The Order is all sewn up and done! Pictures will be sent to you and posted on the Platforms. Most of the time in the Insiders Group, you will be tagged in the post so you can see it.

Photo shows Six Maxaloones folded and packaged in Zip Top bags.

Each Maxaloones or Shortaloones gets packaged in zip top plastic bags. Horrible for the environment, I know, but this way it stays good while shipping (or if it’s ready to ship items, stay dust free on the shelves). The bags can be reused. These would be good bags to store emergency clothes or dirty diapers while out.

If the invoice is all paid, the order will be labeled and shipped immediately. Tracking number is sent from PayPal to your email. Or if you still have half the invoice to be paid, once that is done it will be shipped. Please note that you need to be ready to pay within 24hrs and please keep me up to date with any payment issues. Make sure the address that’s attached to your PayPal is correct. That’s the one your order will be shipped to and I can’t change the address on my end without loosing PayPal Protection.

Most of the time your package order picture will be posted as well so you know what’s going on. Just a super fast picture, this one is showing these cute Burger Stickers I stuck on.

Picture of a Package with my hand covering the mailing label and showing off the Stickers next to the Label.

Sometimes there is a day or two delay between me printing out the label and it being scanned in by the Post Office but I will do my best to notify you of any delays.

Once your order comes in, feel free to post a Picture of your order or your kiddo wearing it to show it off on Instagram or Facebook. When it comes time to wash your Maxaloones or Shortaloones, I recommend washing on Cold as fabric can release their dyes and bleed on itself.

Enjoy your Order! Let me know if there is any questions on the Custom Order Process.

*(Butttt if you want something else Custom, contact the shop and We can work something out or let you know when All Custom Orders are open.)

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